The Douglas County Democrats are dedicated to the advancement of public education, social security, adequate health care, a clean environment, collective bargaining, smart growth patterns, and civil and human rights for all of our citizens. This is our profile and our message.

Together we live, and only together can we solve the problems of today and fulfill the dreams of tomorrow.

In Kansas, it may finally be time for Democrats to rise again

From The Kansas City Star: BY STEVE KRASKE “On an icy Saturday morning, the second-to-last day of 1990, Democratic House members in Kansas gathered at Washburn University to meet with their party’s leader — Gov.-elect Joan Finney.” “Serious business was at hand, but the atmosphere was festive, even giddy,…

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After court ruling, Douglas County adding 850 voters to rolls

From The Lawrence Journal-World: by Peter Hancock “Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said his office is working to activate the voter registrations of 850 local residents who attempted to register at a motor vehicle office but were blocked because they did not provide proof of U.S. citizenship.” “But the action…

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