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The Douglas County Democrats are dedicated to the advancement of public education, social security, adequate health care, a clean environment, collective bargaining, smart growth patterns, and civil and human rights for all of our citizens. This is our profile and our message.

Together we live, and only together can we solve the problems of today and fulfill the dreams of tomorrow.

Visit us at our Headquarters: 1411A W 23rd Street, or call 785-856-3030!

Can you give us 3 Hours Per Week to stop Brownback?

The HQ is OPEN! Visit us at 1411 W 23rd Street and sign-up to Canvass! Canvassing Campaigns have started! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until DARK Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Our goal is to increase advanced ballot (mail) and early voting participation, get registered Democrats to the polls and help…

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