On Saturday, March 18, the we heard from three prominent Kansans who are fighting for public education in our state; Annie McKay, CEO Kansas Action for Children; Ann Mah, Kansas Board of Education; and Mark Desetti, KNEA Director of Legislative and Policy Advocacy. Their message was clear:

  1. to equitably and adequately fund public education we first need to fix our budget and restore revenue
  2.  the legislature is currently rewriting the funding formula for K-12 public education, HB 2270 will restore fuall and fair funding for our public schools
  3. investing in early childhood education not only increases successful outcomes for at-risk students, but also reduces the burden on K-12 by better preparing children to enter our public schools
  4. we must retain our excellent Kansas teachers and adopt policies that support and compensate them as highly valued professionals and assets to our state



The legislative process changes quickly in the last days of the session. Several advocacy groups offer Action Alerts to inform members when to support or oppose bills before they are voted on in committee or the full House/Senate. Click the name of the organization below to sign up for these action alerts:

Tax Reform:  Rise Up Kansas

Public Education: KNEA

KS Board of Education

Douglas County Democratic Party Public Education Advocacy: email norinespears@gmail.com