From Kansas Interfaith Action:

After years of work, the expansion of KanCare (Kansas’ Medicaid program) is very close to becoming a reality. A bill to expand KanCare passed both houses of the legislature by wide margins, but Gov. Brownback vetoed it. (Ugh, don’t even get me started.)

Next week both chambers will attempt to override the veto – and the proponents are three votes short in each chamber! We have this weekend to convince 3 representatives and 3 state senators to change their votes, override the veto, and allow 150,000 working Kansans access to affordable health care.

I am a constituent/concerned Kansan, and I am asking you to please support KanCare expansion over the governor’s veto next week. Over 150,000 Kansans who lack access to affordable health care could receive coverage. These are working men and women, many of them veterans, who are stuck in the coverage gap. Kansas turns away millions of dollars that could be used for this purpose!

In addition to this, expanding KanCare would provide thousands of quality health care jobs, and could help to control insurance costs for all of us.

82% of Kansans support expansion. I am asking you to support it, too.

Gov. Brownback’s favorability rate is hovering in the low teens, and he will never face voters again. These state representatives will all face voters in the coming years. You can certainly indicate that you will remember how they vote on this issue come election time.

Thanks for taking action on behalf of a healthier Kansas!

Kansas Interfaith Action