We are so close to comprehensive tax reform! Please, watch this video which explains the Kansas budget dilemna and then write to the leaders in our legislature Рor all legislators! And please remember to write our own legislators and thank them for fighting to end the experiment.

The Kansas Budget Crisis Explained

!! The Kansas Budget Crisis Explained !! What happened when a state attempted the most extreme tax restructuring in modern history?

Posted by Loud Light on Wednesday, May 17, 2017



Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman
Room: 370-W
Seat: 2
Phone: 785 296-2302
Email: ron.ryckman@house.ks.gov

Speaker Pro-Tem Scott Schwab
Room: 381-W
Seat: 1
Phone: 785 291-3500
Email: scott.schwab@house.ks.gov

House Majority Leader Don Hineman
Room: 372-W
Seat: 3
Phone: 785 296-7662
Email: don.hineman@house.ks.gov

House Assistant Majority Leader Tom Phillips
Room: 512-N
Seat: 111
Phone: 785 296-7402
Email: tom.phillips@house.ks.gov

House Minority Leader Jim Ward
Room: 359-W
Seat: 4
Phone: 785 296-7630
Email: jim.ward@house.ks.gov

House Majority Leader Stan Frownfelter
Room: 359-W
Seat: 5
Phone: 785 296-7630
Email: stan.frownfelter@house.ks.gov

President of the Senate Susan Wagle
Room: 333-E
Seat: 1
Phone: 785-296-2419
Email: Susan.Wagle@senate.ks.gov

Vice President of the Senate
Room: 341-E
Seat: 10
Phone: 785-296-7361
Email: Jeff.Longbine@senate.ks.gov

Senate Majority Leader
Room: 330-E
Seat: 2
Phone: 785-296-2497
Email: Jim.Denning@senate.ks.gov

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Vicki Schmidt
Room: 441-E
Seat: 24
Phone: 785-296-7374
Email: Vicki.Schmidt@senate.ks.gov

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley
Room: 318-E
Seat: 39
Phone: 785-296-3245
Email: Anthony.Hensley@senate.ks.gov

Senate Asst. Minority Leader Laura Kelly
Room: 125-E
Seat: 38
Phone: 785-296-7365
Email: Laura.Kelly@senate.ks.gov