Be proud Douglas County! Our legislators fought hard to repeal the Brownback Tax Experiment. Much progress was made and Kansas is on the path to restored revenue, but there is still work to be done. We must remain vigilent next year and ensure that we continue down the road to recovery.

Please thank our Legislators!

Douglas County Representation

Sen. Tom Holland
Room: 134-E
Seat: 40
Phone: 785-296-7372

Sen. Marci Francisco
Room: 134-E
Seat: 8
Phone: 785-296-7364

Rep. Barbara Ballard
Room: 451-S
Seat: 30
Phone: 785 296-7697

Rep. Boog Highberger
Room: 174-W
Seat: 36
Phone: 785-296-7122

Rep. John Wilson
Room: 54-S
Seat: 34
Phone: 785 296-7652