Democrats Stand with You on Health Care:

Congressional Democrats 

  • Passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), making health insurance coverage available to every American regardless of their age, income, or pre-existing conditions.
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  • Drafted legislation that could lower drug costs.
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Kansas Democrats

  • Voted to expand Medicaid which would have created almost 4,000 new Kansas jobs and provided healthcare to over 24,000 Kansas children.
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  • Fought to expand Medicaid and return 2.8 Billion dollars in tax refunds to Kansas.
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Our health is at stake!

Democrats want to make health care available and affordable for every Kansan.

The ACA increased federal funding to states to help cover health care costs for Medicaid-eligible citizens. The Brownback/Kobach Administration refused to take those funds, costing the state approximately 5.3 Billion dollars.
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The Brownback/Kobach Administration’s decision means thousands of Kansans don’t have access to the healthcare they need.

  • Adults without minor children living at or below the poverty line are not eligible for Medicaid unless they’re elderly, pregnant, or disabled.
  • Parents with minor children are eligible for Medicaid, but only if their income is less than $8,000 a year.

Rural Kansas has lost local hospitals due in part to the failure to expand Medicaid.
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In most Kansas counties, about one-third of all the uninsured would be directly covered by KanCare expansion. In Douglas County, however, 43% of the uninsured would be covered. This high proportion is also found in other Kansas counties with a big university presence – Crawford, Lyon, and Riley.

In 2017, the Legislature voted to expand Medicaid, but their efforts were immediately vetoed by the Brownback/Kobach Administration.
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Republicans are putting Kansans’ lives at risk!

Republicans continually work to destroy the Affordable Care Act and end protections for Kansans with pre-existing conditions.

Kansas Democrats are fighting to fix problems in the system and to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Kansans Democrats want every Kansan to have to the affordable and comprehensive health care we deserve.

Kansas Platform Seeks to Keep Kansans Healthy

The health of our citizens is important to the health of our state. Children will only reach their full potential with a healthy start in life; all Kansans can benefit from good nutrition, physical activity, and health care services throughout our lives.

Kansas Democrats believe that every Kansan should have social and physical environments that promote good health and access to high quality affordable health care from birth until death.

Many of the health initiatives Kansas Democrats have supported in the past have been addressed with the passage of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act. We recognize the benefits of this law to Kansans and support its provisions to:

promote wellness and preventive care;
provide insurance coverage for children up to age 26 on their family’s insurance;
make coverage portable between employers without concern for preexisting conditions;
lower premiums;
expand coverage for uninsured Kansans;
and protect the privacy of Medical Records.

However, certain provisions that make the ACA workable have not been enacted in Kansas—notably the expansion of Medicaid coverage to thousands of eligible persons. Kansas Democrats will work to expand Medicaid coverage in Kansas.

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