March 30th

KDP mails Democratic Presidential Primary ballots to all registered Democrats. This includes a stamped envelope for return. PLEASE RETURN ASAP

April 7th

Supplementary mailing for recently registered Democrats who were not included in the first mailing

April 10th – 24 th

During this period any registered Dem who has not received a ballot can request one by calling the KDP office or by filling out a form at:

May 2nd

Ballots must be received in Topeka by this date

May 9th – Senate District delegate selection

June 6th – State Party delegate selection

June 13th – National delegate selection


We continue to learn to operate in this new reality where face-to-face contact is taboo and uncertainty about how, when or if life will return to normal is the only thing certain. And we know that our candidates face the same problems and will need our help even more than usual.
In compliance with state and local rules meant to slow the spread of COVID-19, we have closed Headquarters and cancelled all physical meetings. Where before the phone and internet were just other ways to contact our donors and voters, they are now the only ways. So, led by Bruce Roberts, we continue to build a system that will produce the lists, set up the phone banks and recruit the large number of callers needed to contact our voters, and that can be used until and after conditions return to normal. The system will work if and only if we can recruit enough callers to man the phone banks and or call the lists.
The Kansas Democratic Party has just (March 30) announced that there will be no in person voting this year. For us, this makes the need to convince voters to vote by mail even greater. Please join us to help make the thousands of calls needed to encourage Democrats to mail in their ballots.

“It is your ability to discern facts that makes you an individual, and our collective trust in common knowledge makes us a society. The individual who investigates is also the individual who builds. The leader who dislikes the investigators is a potential tyrant.”

Timothy Snyder from On Tyranny

Our candidate for Congress, Michelle de la Isla, is mayor of Topeka and thus has been very busy helping Topeka/Shawnee County prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic. Even so, she has been making great progress in building a campaign organization, meeting voters and raising the needed campaign funds.. You can meet Michelle and can help by participating in a Zoom fundraiser on April 11 at 6 PM.

Click here or copy and paste to join:


I have volunteered to oversee our ward organization this cycle. If you were involved as a volunteer in 2016 and or 2018, you will remember that we used this structure to establish Ward Centers for the GOTV efforts on election day. We will be using this same organization of 13 Wards to coordinate contacting voters in the 73 precincts across Douglas County. Each Ward consists of several precincts located near each other (see map: Thank you to our Precinct Committee Chairs for recruiting volunteers to expand our efforts to increase voter turnout this year. We are grateful for the many of you who served as block captains in 2016 and or 2018 contacting voters in your neighborhood, and your willingness to adapt to other ways to contact voters during the pandemic. Because of COVID-19, we are deploying virtual phone banks and hope to add texting capabilities for contacting voters soon. Our first phone bank is using volunteers to contact first-time voters and others who don’t vote often to encourage them to vote by mail. This calling will take place during the first three weeks of April. Ballots must be received in Topeka by May 2. I’m always delighted to welcome new volunteers, so please contact me directly by email at with contact information. Thank you

I appreciate very much the commitment of these Ward Managers:
Ward 3 Penny Von Achen
Ward 6 and 8 Lois Orth-Lopes
Ward 7: Craig Sundell
Ward 9: Caroline Grootes
Ward 13: Gina Spade


The presidential election campaign has been fairly well overshadowed by the much more pressing news of the pandemic, but our candidate has not yet been chosen and the Kansas presidential primary election is still on schedule. Registered Dems will receive mail in ballots with stamped, addressed envelopes the first week in April. A vote now is a strong statement that life is continuing and we citizens are still here; and it is a good rehearsal for the most important presidential election of your lifetime next November.