Who are the Douglas County Democrats?

We are young and we are old. We are male and female. We are gay, lesbian, transgendered and straight. We are of African, American Indian, Asian, European, Hispanic and Pacific Islander descent. We are Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, Hindus and Atheists. We are from many different cities within Douglas County, KS – Lawrence, Baldwin, Eudora, Lecompton, Clinton, Stull … But we all believe in a functioning representative democracy accountable to the people. This is a democracy where government is a partner in our daily lives and serves to help solve societies’ problems. We are dedicated to the advancement of public education, social security, adequate health care, a clean environment, collective bargaining, smart growth patterns, and civil and human rights for all of our citizens. This is our profile and our message. Together we live, and only together can we solve the problems of today and fulfill the dreams of tomorrow.


  • Community
  • Opportunity
  • Responsibility


  • Register voters and GOTV
  • Distinguish our party from the Republicans
  • Fill all precinct positions
  • Be more visible in the community
  • Raise funds for Democratic candidates
  • Strengthen the party infrastructure
  • Recruit and organize volunteers