The vote is tonight!

Tonight, the Kansas Senate will vote on a bill to end the most harmful provisions of Governor Brownback’s failed tax experiment.
The bill, CCR for HB 2067, would be a MAJOR step in the right direction for Kansas. It closes the LLC loophole, repeals the March to Zero, and reinstates a third income tax bracket – three key policy components of comprehensive tax reform that are essential to putting Kansas back on a path to recovery.
But we need your help to make it happen. 
If you don’t feel informed enough the video below gives a great explanation. If you do feel informed please WRITE every senator you can. The list below represents the KS leadership, but write whomever you can using these links:

The Kansas Budget Crisis Explained

!! The Kansas Budget Crisis Explained !! What happened when a state attempted the most extreme tax restructuring in modern history?

Posted by Loud Light on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kansas Senate Leadership

President of the Senate Susan Wagle
Room: 333-E
Seat: 1
Phone: 785-296-2419

Vice President of the Senate
Room: 341-E
Seat: 10
Phone: 785-296-7361

Senate Majority Leader
Room: 330-E
Seat: 2
Phone: 785-296-2497

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Vicki Schmidt
Room: 441-E
Seat: 24
Phone: 785-296-7374

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley
Room: 318-E
Seat: 39
Phone: 785-296-3245

Senate Asst. Minority Leader Laura Kelly
Room: 125-E
Seat: 38
Phone: 785-296-7365

Douglas County Representation

Sen. Tom Holland
Room: 134-E
Seat: 40
Phone: 785-296-7372

Sen. Marci Francisco
Room: 134-E
Seat: 8
Phone: 785-296-7364