Thank you to Fail Campus Carry for this list of bills that need urgent action:

Bills to Oppose: 

HB 2042

This bill will allow concealed carry reciprocity, allow 18-20 year olds to concealed carry with a permit and require permits to concealed carry in Kansas postsecondary educational institution buildings. More about this bill here.

Stage of the Bill: 

  • Passed Kansas House

Actions Needed on HB 2042: 

  • Tell your Kansas Senators to oppose HB 2042.

Bills to Support: 

HB 2766 

This bill will repeal the law prohibiting state-funded entities from communicating with Legislature regarding gun laws. Read more about it here.

Stage of Bill: 

  • Introduced in Federal and State Affairs Committee 2/6/2018
  • Currently awaiting hearing

Actions Needed on HB2766: 

  • Tell your legislators to support HB 2766 because it will allow universities, cities, and other state-funded entities to communicate with the Legislature about how gun laws or potential gun laws affect their institutions.

HB 2145

This bill will make it illegal for certain individuals to possess firearms, including convicted domestic abusers and individuals who have been issued court orders related to stalking, harassment or threats of violence against intimate partners or children.

Stage of Bill:

  • Passed both Chambers

Action needed on HB 2145:

  • Write Gov. Colyer and encourage him to sign this bill

Groups to Follow (click the name):

Kansans Against Campus Carry

Mom’s Demand Action