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For fiscal year 2017, the Republican legislature funded less than 12% of the needed road repairs across the state, leaving about 1,000 miles without required maintenance or improvement, including a stretch of I-70 so dangerous that it’s nicknamed “Suicide Curve”. Cuts like these have cost the state thousands of jobs in road construction, including about 3,600 in 2016. Instead of dealing with the problem responsibly, Kansas Republicans have responded by firing KDOT employees who publicly-acknowledge the dangers posed by insufficiently funding road repairs.


Budget cuts lead to crisis

In March, 2017, fires scorched 700,000 acres in Kansas and Oklahoma and revealed the underfunded state of the Kansas Forest Service, which has less than $1 million budgeted to fight fires — eight times less than Oklahoma. Despite this low funding, the Kansas Forest Service actually had to send money back to Topeka in the middle of the wildfire crisis because of the budget disaster created by the Republican legislature.


Cost-Cutting report suggests increased hiring in public services needed

As part of their never-ending quest to vandalize our state, Kansas Republicans commissioned a study meant to ferret out new things to cut. Instead, the report found that our public services are already so threadbare that one of the best ways to balance the budget would be hiring more people in the Department of Revenue, thereby returning the agency to something like normal functioning.