From KNEA (April 30):

Senate Adopts a Budget; Negotiations Have Begun on Both Budget and Taxes

Also today the Senate adopted their budget in Sub for Sub HB 2359 on a vote of 28 to 12. This action puts two competing budgets into conference and the conference committee met this afternoon and evening to begin negotiations. This is an arduous process since the budgets are enormous and 14 pages of conflicting positions are being discussed. There will be a lot of back and forth offers until a comprehensive package of some House positions, some Senate positions, and some compromise positions are put into a conference committee report for consideration by both chambers.

At the same time, the tax conference committee is working out compromise positions on a number of bills. The big issue there will be what to do about Sub for HB 2228, the Senate’s massive tax cut package that, if passed, puts the whole budget being worked out by a different committee in jeopardy.

Negotiations on the Budget continue tomorrow at 10:00 am; tax negotiators meet again tomorrow beginning at 10:30. It will likely be a very long day!

This legislation permits the collection of existing sales tax from remote sellers. State and local governments have lost billions in uncollected sales taxes and Main Street businesses find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage with online merchants.
E-commerce represented 13% of total retail sales ($5.076 trillion) in 2017 and 49% of the growth in retail sales. Amazon is responsible for much of the growth. The total value of transactions from American consumers on reached $189 billion last year up from $145 billion in 2016.
There are still legal disputes over charging sales tax on internet sellers that do not have a tangible presence in a state. This bill asserts that if a customer has a nexus (such as a phone ‘ap’) with an online merchant that is enough. The United States Supreme Court is presently revisiting this topic in a South Dakota case while Congress continues to do nothing.