Davis Announces Candidacy

Dear Douglas County Democrats,
I’ve lived in Kansas nearly all my life. It’s where I learned to be a good neighbor, to stand up for my community, and to step up and solve problems. Over the past four months, I visited all 25 counties in Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District, and I heard the same message of fear, frustration and disappointment. We have problems that the politicians in Washington D.C. aren’t solving.
I hear you. And I’m ready to fight for you.
Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for the United States Congress. 
This campaign is truly a grassroots effort to bring people together, not drive them apart.
The leaders we chose to send to Washington aren’t representing Kansas values anymore. They are ignoring the people they represent. And they’ve forgotten where they came from.
It’s time for a campaign of ideas — both mine and yours — to address the problems our state and our country faces. Our national healthcare program has issues — but that doesn’t mean we should kick 22 million Americans off their health insurance and start over. Our federal tax code is a mess — but we can’t slash taxes for the wealthiest among us.
These problems need real, honest solutions. I’m looking forward to starting that conversation with you in the coming weeks to help me hold Washington accountable.
But the Washington establishment won’t go down without a fight. There are special interests and political operatives out there who plan to spend a lot of money to try and convince you that we have nothing in common. In fact, they’re probably whipping up some sort of smear campaign to respond to this e-mail right now.
Thank you,