Important Dates for the General Election (Nov. 3, 2020)

Sat, Sept 19:
Deadline Mail UOCAVA Ballots KSA 25-1220
Tues, Oct 13:
Registration books close. Last day to register. KSA 25-2311(a)(5)
Wed, Oct 14:
Advance Voting by mail begins – 20 days prior to Election Day. KSA 25-1123(a)(5)
Advance Voting in person begins
Tues, Oct 27:
Deadline to request an advance ballot to be mailed.
Mon, Nov 2:
Advance Voting Closes (Noon) KSA 25-1122(g)
Tues, Nov 3:
GENERAL ELECTION. KSA 25-2010, -2107
Mon, Nov 16:
Canvass General Election. KSA 25-3104