Return Your Ballot

Returning your Mail In Ballot.

Douglas County makes it easy to return your mail in ballot. Aside from dropping your postage paid envelope in any mailbox, there are four convenient locations across town to drop it off and deliver it directly to the county clerk.


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Douglas County Courthouse

South Parking Lot, 1100 Massachusetts Street

Look for the ballot drop box on the righthand side of the Douglas County Courthouse.

Douglas County Fairgrounds

Flory Meeting Hall, 2110 Harper Street

At the Douglas County Fairgrounds extension office, the ballot drop box is located on the far side of the parking lot.

Douglas County Human Services Building

2518 Ridge Court

The ballot drop box is located directly in front of the flag pole on the side of the parking lot facing the street.

Early Voting Location

2329 S. Iowa

You can drop off your ballot at the Douglas County Early Voting Location behind Texas Roadhouse. Open from 8AM to 5PM