Action Alert

Sustain the Veto!

Governor Kelly vetoed a number of bills that were bad for Kansas. To sustain those vetoes, legislators need to hear from us telling them that they need to do just that – sustain her vetoes.

The vetoed bills are listed below. The last two are the voter suppression bills. The list does not include the budget’s line-item vetoes.

After the sample message, the email addresses and telephone numbers of the Douglas County delegation are listed. You may want to email the R’s on each separate bill, that is up to you. Getting eight emails about eight different bills might make these legislators take notice! Our D’s originally voted against these bills but a single message from you will support them in their work.

Here’s the list of bills Governor Kelly vetoed:

  • SB 50 – Bill to give hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to high-income Kansans and corporations.
  • SB 55 – Bill to discriminate against Kansas trans girls and women in sports in schools.
  • HB 2039 – Bill to require Kansas public high schoolers pass a civics test to graduate.
  • HB 2058 – Bill to lower the age to carry concealed, loaded handguns from 21 to 18.
  • HB 2089 – Bill to require the NRA’s gun familiarity course if schools provide gun safety.
  • HB 2166 – Bill to offer the racist Gadsden flag (Don’t tread on me) on a license plate in Kansas.
  • HB 2183 – Bill to make it harder to vote by mail in Kansas, especially for aged and disabled.
  • HB 2332 – Bill to take election powers away from the Executive Branch and the Kansas Courts and give them to the Kansas Legislature, instead.

Both chambers of the Legislature return to work next Monday, May 3, to tackle these vetoes and also any budget bills remaining (like for K-12 public education).

Sample message:

Representative Neelly,

Governor Kelly vetoed HB 2332 – Bill to take election powers away from the Executive Branch and the Kansas Courts and give them to the Kansas Legislature instead. This veto needs to be sustained.

Your constituent,
Registered Voter (your name, of course, and address)

Douglas County Delegation

Rep. Mike Amyx (D)
785 296-7632

Rep. Barbara Ballard (D)
785 296-7697

Rep. Christina Haswood (D)
785 296-7652

Rep. Boog Highberger (D)

Rep. Lance Neelly (R)
785 296-7683

Senator Marci Francisco (D)

Senator Tom Holland (D)

Senator Rick Kloos (R)

Please also encourage friends and family throughout Kansas to write their legislators as well. They can look up their representatives here:

Thank you for taking the time to do this. With all of us working together, we do make a difference!