March 2019: What’s The Buzz About Marijuana?

Panel Members: Lisa Larsen, Mayor, City of Lawrence – Chris Morrow, Director, Kansas Chapter of NORML – Nancy Jo Kepple, Assistant Professor, Social Welfare, University of Kansas – Caleb Stephens, Black Lives Matter-LFK chapter leader, therapist and addictions counselor – Jason Dye, Clinical social worker and medical cannabis advocate – Moderator, Brooklynne Mosley

October 2018: Candidate for KS Insurance Commissioner Nathaniel McLaughlin and Katrina Lewison, Chair of “Lead Kansas”.

September 2018: Paul Davis, Democratic Candidate for Congressional District #2

August 2018: Thea Perry, Democratic Candidate for HD 42

July 2018 Seminar: Democratic Candidates for HD 45

March 2018 Seminar: Democratic Candidates for Governor

February 2018 Seminar: Jail Expansion and Behavioral Health Campus Forum

Today we are live streaming our monthly meeting, and we will be talking about the jail expansion and mental health vote approaching in May.

Posted by Douglas County Democratic Party (Kansas) on Saturday, February 17, 2018

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February 2017 Seminar: Healthcare in Kansas

January 2017 Seminar: Legislative Preview

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