How to Vote No

It is extremely important to VOTE NO by August 2nd in order to protect safe, legal abortion access in Kansas. You must have been registered to vote at your current address by July 12th in order to participate in this primary election. Verify your voter registration status at this link, and see the ways to submit your ballot below.



Douglas County residents may vote early in person at the follow locations and times:

Douglas County Elections Office

711 W. 23rd St, Suite 1

Lawrence, KS 66046

Hours through July 29th:

Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm

Additional dates include Saturday, July 30th (9am-1pm) and Monday, August 1st (8am-12pm). Early in person voting is also available at Lecompton City Hall, Eudora City Hall, and the Baldwin City Fire Station on those two dates only.

Vote in person on

Election Day, Tuesday, August 2nd.

Voting hours are 7am-7pm at the Douglas County Elections Office and at your polling place. You must be in line by 7pm to vote.