A Message From your Executive Committee to Douglas County Democrats

Many of us have experienced anger and frustration in the wake of regressive presidential policies, but we must not let these emotions prevent us from maintaining the gains we have made, and regaining the ground we lost. We must recognize that working hard, smart, and united, we can prevail. So, let the fight begin here, on this day, and let us continue fighting until every child is fed, clothed, doctored and educated; every working person makes a living wage; every voter votes without interference; and medical care is affordable and universally available.

For Kansans, we must look to the elections of 2018. At the state level, we must elect democrats to offices from governor to township, and at the federal level we must elect a democratic replacement for Lynn Jenkins. To do this, we have developed a two-year plan with goals to increase the number of active democrats, increase and train our grassroots leaders, form advocacy groups to push the Democratic platform, and recruit and nurture candidates as needed. This critical work demands the time, talent, and money of us all! Click the buttons above to volunteer and donate, then join us at our Meetings/Seminars to learn more.

Please join the fight right now by going to the webpage and clicking the “Donate” button. We humbly ask you for a monthly recurring contribution of $20.17 rounded to $20.00.

Thank you,

Galenea, Kensley, Caroline, Norine, Pat, David, Jim, and Curt