Our mission is to develop and promote government policies and leadership that improve the quality of life for all people and increase participation in the democratic process. To accomplish this mission, our top priority must be to increase the number of Democrats in office at all levels of government. This means we must grow the number of Democrat voters that go to the polls on election days. Most experts agree that face to face contact is the best way to get new voters and to turn out the Democrat vote at election time. For this reason, effective canvassing has to be our most important job.

The Neighbor to Neighbor plan seeks to improve over our past canvassing efforts by increasing both the length of time over which we canvass and the number of canvassers we deploy and to make our contact with voters more meaningful for canvasser and canvassed. Under this plan, we will maintain friendly, regular, contact with voters by canvassing all year in both election and off election years. To get the canvassers to maintain this schedule, we will recruit volunteers to fill vacant Precinct Chair positions. To reduce the canvassing burden on the Precinct Chairs, we will install Block Captains who will be responsible for canvassing small areas near their homes. Precinct Chairs are asked to help the Executive Committee recruit, coordinate and manage Block Captain activities.

Canvassing will have the following purposes, all meant to help get Democrat voters to the polls. All purposes will be considered at each canvas, but the emphasis will change as a function of time until election:

1. Develop and promote rapport between voter and DCD.

2. Spread Democrat values.

3. Seek volunteers – Precinct Chairs, Block Captains, others

4. Maintain the Vote Builder and NGP data bases.

a. Verify and correct

b. Add new

c. Remove old

5. Register/re-register voters

6. Inform voters about candidates and issues.

7. Encourage Advance Voting by mail and in person

8. Get voters to the polls on election days.

The Executive Committee will produce walking/calling lists for all Precincts or assist those Precinct Chairs who want to make their own. We hope to email the lists to you so that you can use them in digital form or print them, as you like. To get a list or assistance to make one and to let us know if you cannot print, contact Pat Willer at ppwiller@gmail.com.

A schedule for the period from now until election day 2018, follows:

1. From now until March 1, 2018, knock on each high propensity Democrat’s door a sufficient number of times to speak to someone at each door, at least once. The main purposes will be:

  1. Get acquainted
  2. Verify/correct the information we have in Vote Builder
  3. Register/reregister Democratic voters
  4. Ask for volunteers to be Block Captains or …

2. From March 1, 2018 until the primary election, we will knock on the doors of mid and low propensity Democrats and unaffiliates enough times to speak to someone at every door at least three times. Main purposes are:

  1. Stay in touch/shoot the breeze/answer questions/Talk about the issue/listen to voters
  2. Make sure everyone is aware that a primary election is coming up
  3. Push AB’s and early voting (mail and in person)
  4. Get out the vote for the primary election

3. From the primary election until advanced voting begins, knock on every Democrat and Democrat leaning unaffiliated door enough times to speak to someone at every house at least once, in order to:

  1. Stay in touch/shoot the breeze/answer questions/listen to voters
  2. Talk about issues/candidates
  3. Encourage AB’s and early voting (mail and in person)

4. Canvassing from the beginning of advance voting until the election, will be to get out the vote of all Democrats and Democrat leaning voters. Knock on every door repeatedly until everyone in the house has voted. No need to go back after all in a house have voted.

  1. Encourage early voting (mail and in person)
  2. Stay in touch to find out when/if voters have voted early
  3. Provide polling place information and rides, as needed on election day
  4. Stay in tough until voter has voted or polls close

1. Phone, mail, email, social media, etc. may be used to supplement face to face contact, but face to face produces the best results.
2. Informal contact with voters is encouraged but a record of such contact should be kept.
3. The goal of our contacts with voters is to establish a friendly relationship in which voters know we care about them, understand the roles that government plays in their lives and their own role in electing the candidates who will make life better for them and theirs.