Racial Justice

The Douglas County Democratic Party upholds that black lives matter and asks that all Americans join us in standing with and supporting the efforts by the Kansas Democratic African-American Caucus to eliminate the many injustices African Americans face in the United States of America.

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Kansas Platform Promotes Equal Rights, Human Dignity and Diversity

Kansas Democrats believe in equal treatment under the law for every Kansan regardless of race, color, age, physical abilities, economic status, religion, creed, sex, national origin, ethnicity, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Kansas Democrats support cultural, linguistic, ethnic, sexual identity, religious, and spiritual diversity as personal freedoms which demand protection under the law.

Kansas Democrats uphold and support the separation of church and state principle as codified in the Kansas and United States Constitutions which protects Kansans from sectarian divisions, and allows for full religious freedom without the assistance or promotion of the government.

Religion is a private matter, separate from the state, and must not be used to shape public policy affecting all Kansans who hold a myriad of beliefs and philosophies. Religious freedom in Kansas is jeopardized when the state and public officials propagate legislation to promote religious doctrines within public policy.

Kansas Democrats strongly reject any attempts by government officials in Kansas to establish a religious state through legislative or policy directives. Freedom of conscience belongs to all the citizens of Kansas, and must be protected to ensure a free, democratic society.

Religious liberty shall not be misconstrued as a license to discriminate or otherwise violate the law.

Kansas Democrats support marriage equality.

We support the passage of hate crime legislation to protect equal rights, and we oppose any form of racial or ethnic profiling. We oppose “show me your papers” legislation.

Kansas Democrats believe the death penalty is costly, subject to error, and discriminatory on its application. Therefore, we believe the death penalty in Kansas should be abolished.

We support remedies to prevent job discrimination, including pay equity. We oppose any form of racial or ethnic profiling and support legislation that law enforcement officers and law enforcement vehicles be equipped with cameras and the use of cameras be required.

Kansas Democrats stand for the dignity of victims of rape and sexual abuse.

We recognize the valuable contribution youth make to our state and we support giving young people a voice, encouraging and assisting youth participation in every aspect of political action.




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