2020 Kansas Democratic Primary:

Things to Know:

  1. Rank Choice Voting allows you to choose your top five candidates.
  2. Vote by Mail ballots will be mailed to every registered Democrat. This ballot and envelop represent your vote. To participate in the Kansas Democratic Presidential Primary Mail the Ballot Back.  In response to to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in-person voting has been canceled.
  3. If you are not a registered Democrat but wish to participate in the Kansas Democratic Presidential Primary REGISTER TODAY, a supplemental mailing will be posted on April 7.
  4. The Kansas Democratic Party is responsible for preparing, implementing, and funding the Primary 2020 plan. Please consider donating!

Dates to Remember:

March 9 — Informational mailers sent through the USPS.

March 30 — Mail-in Ballots sent through the USPS.

 April 7 — Supplemental Mailing sent through the USPS

April 17 — Last day to request a mail-in ballot.

April 24 — Postmark deadline to return completed mail-in ballots.

   May 2 — NO in-person voting.

More information can be found on the Kansas Democratic Party website: https://kansasdems.org/2020primary