We hope that you are all well and adjusting to life during the time of Covid-19. At this time, it is important to stay connected and know that we are all in this together. Our Happy Hours have always been an opportunity to socialize and build community and we would like to continue that during this time of social distancing by using an application called Zoom to meet virtually.


What To Expect

We will gather on the screen at 5:30, have a quick introduction to the event and then break out into smaller groups. These small groups will gather for three 15-minute sessions. It is our hope that this format will allow us to meet new people and experience a variety of conversations.

Virtual Happy Hour Schedule:

5:30 large group meeting with brief introduction/overview
5:40 break into small group for discussion
5:55 back to large group, then break into new small group discussion
6:10 back to large group, then break into new small group discussion
6:25 back to large group, brief good-byes

Using Zoom

If you have not joined a Zoom meeting previously you are not alone! Many of us are connecting with others in this new ‘virtual’ world, and Zoom is one of the easier programs for joining a group meeting with both video and audio. You can join with a browser by simply clicking a link! You can also download a small application which offers you more features within the application. The following video may be helpful: