Boog Highberger

 It is has been a real honor to serve as your state representative for the last four years. The two years of my first term were challenging and frustrating, but fortunately after the 2016 elections we were able to roll back most of Governor Brownback and now-Governor Colyer’s disastrous tax experiment. This year we were finally able to make some progress toward adequately funding our public schools, providing long-overdue pay raises to our hardworking state employees, restoring delayed payments to the KPERS system, and restoring cuts to higher education.
    There is still a lot of work left to do, but I am hopeful that after this year’s elections we will be able to make even more progress. I am excited about the possibility of working with a legislature and a governor that are dedicated to making life better for working people, to making sure our children get a world-class education, to building a clean energy economy, and to rebuilding effective and compassionate social services for our fellow Kansans who need them.


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