Election Q and A

Did You Know:

● A voter cannot cancel a request for an advance ballot, but can vote provisionally at the polls.

● Unaffiliated voters can change their party affiliation up until election day. This can also be done on ksvotes.org.

● Voters who don’t receive the advance ballot or misplace it can vote provisionally at their polling place.

● The postage is prepaid for mailing the advance ballots.

● A voter can also take the advance ballot to any polling place on election day.

● The county cannot mail advance ballots for the primary until Wednesday,July 15, when advance voting begins. Voters should expect to receive their ballots in the mail by Saturday, July 18 . These dates for the general election are Wednesday, October 14 and Saturday, October 17.

● The county makes every attempt to “cure” advance ballots that have issues, such as incorrect signatures, addresses, etc. In some instances, they send workers to the voter’s residence to get the correct signature. Their commitment provides considerable peace of mind for the advance voter.

Voting Information


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